Preparing minds for innovation

Co-creating a space for people to thrive, learn and adopt. Unlocking their minds to be open to innovative change.


Brainwayz offers complete services and programme solutions that facilitates the adaptation to and adoption of change.

Through a carefully custom designed process we co-create a space for people to thrive, learn and adapt. We help individuals come to terms with the fact that change is a constant –and ultimately to embrace change. We enable leaders to communicate better in a changing world and to move forward.


Brainwayz offers capabilities, proven methods, and relevant tools to guide individuals and organisations in preparing for tomorrow. Through a distinctive set of services, founded in brain science, our deeply skilled professionals support individuals both emotionally and prepare them to ensure they are change-fit.

We specialise in people effectiveness and efficiency, creating the optimal conditions to accept the idea of change. Our carefully designed and customised processes guide participants to understand why change must happen and how they can cope despite change. As a result of our processes, we contribute to a workforce that is engaged. And ultimately, we equip you to help your team and organisation to work towards a mindset that is open to new things to come.

We enable adaptation and adoption of change, preparing minds for innovation. For skilled and capable people, who are fit for the constant changes that come with the “new normal” of today.

Through a carefully custom designed process we co-create a space for people to thrive, learn and adopt and come to terms with the fact that change is constant –and ultimately to embrace change. We enable leaders to communicate better in a changing world and to move forward.


With more than 21 years of experience, we have expert consultants who understand the frustrations that arise from growth and constant change. We can speak to the outcomes required to move forward in today’s unique new normal. Our experience and skills enable us to guide our clients with the co-creation of successful environments that foster an open mind to embracing change.

Our services and solutions are founded in neuro-science; they are highly customisable, comprehensive and advanced – developed to aid organisations and institutions with the successful adjustment to the dynamic processes that comes with change. Let us help your team become change-fit.



Through scientifically proven processes and programmes, we enable mindsets that are open to the possibility of innovation, both on an individual level and institutional level for a future fit institution.

Through our processes we guide you to help your team to achieve their goals. And improve their understanding of their unique design for optimal performance. 

A confident & engaged workforce
Improved communication, teaching & learning
Innovative individuals & organisation
An increased awareness to the positives that change can bring
Strategic objectives achieved
An institution with people that are open to adapting to change
Future fit individuals & organisation
Unlocking the mind so that change is perceived as less threatening
Equipped & empowered individuals

What we Offer

our products & services

Brainwayz offers complete package solutions or stand-alone options to guide your team through the process of preparing for change at the level needed. We further specialise in bespoke organisational and leadership facilitation to aid you and your team to prepare for things to come.

Adoption of Technology

Preparing individual, teams and organisations for shifts within the organisation

Eiffel Corp’s Change Management approach is grounded in neuroscience.  Neuro-agility is a universal need. It is relevant to all people who need to learn, think, and process information quickly and who require flexibility in adapting to the challenges of constant disruptive change.

Having an open and growth mindset is what’s required to prepare people for new challenges and ways of work. It prepares people to think and view the world differently. If people start thinking differently, they act differently. The one will influence the other. 

Our behaviours in our institutions will become our culture, the way our systems are formed. Our culture influences the way we relate to each other and the way we think.

Change Readiness & Preparation

Preparing individuals for minds that are open to innovative change.

Change should always be supported and driven by leadership. The first step in managing any type of institutional change is understanding how to manage change with each single individual.

We take individuals through an informative session that assess their current needs and a willingness to change.

These sessions are conducted to achieve a common understanding of what the change process entails.

Leadership, Individual Development & Change

Empower individuals in your organisation to manage change from an individual and leadership level; for a smoother transition on an organisational level

Change places tremendous stress on institutions and those expected to lead and carry it out.   Leadership alignment during a change process is critical to the success of any project. We know the challenges leadership teams face in helping themselves and their people move from denial of the need for change through resistance to exploration and finally commitment.

Through our Leadership facilitation, we aim to help leaders gain awareness of their own leadership style in change; and the ability to adapt one’s style to be optimally effective in leading change. We facilitate this process with leaders by means of assessment, workshops and coaching.

Eiffel Corp takes your organisation on a journey of growth through individual development. Through a process of assessing people, we offer relevant solutions and training to deal with day-to-day emotional difficulties in the office environment.

We offer custom-made packages to suit your unique needs.


Within our offerings, we can provide you and your team with:


A brain profile assessment to understand yourself better.


An assessment to understand your leadership style in change.


A neuroscientific way to discover accurate self-awareness

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